Watch Draymond Green Give Blake Griffin The Tongue For A Long Time (GIF)

Draymond Green

Wow. That headline sounds much dirtier than it actually was. Whatever. Not changing it.

Last night, the Clipper and Warriors squared off and, judging by this GIF, it was an evening of competition, passion, and, above all, sincere eroticism. Draymond Green apparently had some feelings he wanted to express to NBA star and dunkmaster general Blake Griffin.

While Draymond Green could have written a sonnet to Griffin, or used the magic of interpretive dance, he opted to just stick his tongue out for a REALLY long time. Here’s the GIF:

Draymod Green

I THINK that Draymod is wiggling the tip of his tongue as he sticks it out, but it’s possible that I’m just seeing what I want to see, and that he’s probably holding his tongue still. Like the professional that he is.

The Clippers dropped the game last night to the Warriors, 121-104, with Griffin only contributing 14 points.

We have found Blake Griffin’s weakness. It’s Draymod Green’s tongue.


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