Gerald Green Caught on Video Checking Out a Girl at Staples Center (Video)

Gerald Green

Gerald Green of the Phoenix Suns is known mostly as a dunk artist, but did you also know he excels at ogling women? It’s true. And not only does he ogle them, but then he gives a really emotive and over-the-top response. As if to say, “Damn girl! Dammmmmmmnnnn!”

I’m not sure if I would rather watch Gerald Green dunk, or watch him check out women. I think I’d rather watch him dunk in the good games, but when he’s squaring off against a crappy team like the Lakers, I’d rather watch him objectify women. Not because I’m a proponent of that at all.  It’s just that anything beats watching the Lakers play this year.

Here’s Mr. Gerald Green, reacting to a woman who’s so hot that he has to put a towel in his mouth for some reason:

I like that he has his stat line underneath him as he’s doing this. As if the woman could see his numbers as she walks by.

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