Gordon Hayward Owns LeBron James with Chase-Down Block, Game-Winning Buzzer Beater (Videos)

gordon hayward owns lebron james chase-down block

Bold prediction: the Cleveland Cavaliers are not going to go 20-62 as their current record suggest. LeBron James and company will right the ship.

Right now, though, they are “struggling.” And given how last night’s Cavs-Jazz game turned out, it’s totally fair to say Gordon Hayward owns LeBron James. The latter may have had 31 points to the former’s 21. But Hayward made the two most impressive plays of the night, and the Jazz—who lost 57 games last season—walked away with a 102-100 win over the team Vegas bookmakers picked to win it all.

The first of Hayward’s two huge plays came with just over a minute to play in the first half. LeBron got the ball in his own end and rushed the other way, beat the lone Utah defender, went in for the easy layup and…got denied by Hayward, who came flying in out of nowhere with the LeBron-style chase-down block:

As you probably noticed if you turned on the sound, the Cavaliers announcers were livid that this was not called a goaltend. And in fairness, it does look like the ball hit the backboard before Hayward got there. But I don’t care. It was still awesome. And in any case, I’m pretty sure Hayward’s game-winning step-back buzzer-beater wasn’t a goaltend:

So this was definitely Hayward’s night. And after the game, during a postgame interview with the Jazz crowd roaring, Gordon was soaking it all in:

Yes, that is crazy, Gordon. And you did it.

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