11 Year-Old Japanese Hockey Player Makes Us Forget Tarasenko For A Sec (Video)

Japanese hockey player

If you’re following the NHL right now, that pretty much means you’re following Vladamir Tarasenko and the blaze of glory he’s experiencing. Well, there’s a Japanese hockey player that’s demanding your attention be paid elsewhere. His name is Alto Iguchi, he’s 11 years old, and he skates like the damn wind.

Yesterday, we shared a video of a near-embryonic Jamie Benn scoring a killer pee-wee goal. Apparently this diminutive Japanese hockey player saw the clip, because he went on to shine at the awesomely-named Smile and Dream Cup hockey tournament—this kid better be smiling after his highlight reel performance.

Here’s Alto Iguchi, Japanese hoceky player extraordinaire, doing his thing. Let’s try to keep up:


If you think that this is Japan’s latest effort to wrest the seat of hockey from Canada…I would have to agree. The revolution is now.

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