Watch This Jackass Rev His Lambo Until the Thing Catches Fire (Video)


How do you categorize an article on revving a Lambo on a city street until it just can’t take any more? I’m going to put it under “Motor Sports,” only because there’s no “Douchenozzle” tag. There should be. If only for this one dude, there should be a category that goes far beyond douche.

A Lambo has long been the most stereotypically douchey car there is. It’s extremely expensive, and the most popular colors seem to be yellow, lime green, and orange. Not exactly tasteful. Still, I’m sure a few (five, tops?) have worked hard to get those cars, and if they want it painted like they’re a character in a cartoon instead of a grown man, that’s their prerogative…

Whatever. I’m straying from the point at hand. This guy has (had?) what appears to be a black Lamborghini Aventador (so there goes that theory). He thinks that a sports car that looks like an airplane and costs $300k isn’t enough to draw attention to himself, so he revs the very loud engine. And he revs it. And so on. Et cetera.

He revs the damn engine so much and so hard that even the Lambo taps out, saying, “You’re ridiculous, sir,” before setting itself on fire. I’m sure this guy gets that reaction from a lot of people and automobiles he comes across. They would rather burn than be subjected to him.

Here’s the video:

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I bet he got a McLaren the next day. Because that’s how the world seems to work.

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