Blazers Fan Gives Us This Horrible Half Court Shot Last Night (Video)

Blazers fan half court shot

When a fan is provided an opportunity to take a half court shot to win something at an NBA game, most people would consider that certain someone to be lucky.  Well, this Portland Trail Blazers fan was given the opportunity to attempt a half court shot and win something at last night’s game against the Dallas Mavericks, but “lucky” is the last thing I’d consider him to be.

“Pathetic” seems much more appropriate.

Why “pathetic,” and not “lucky,” you ask?  Well he may have had at least a little luck to win the opportunity, but it wasn’t much of an opportunity when you really think about it, seeing as how this Blazers fan had absolutely zero chance of hitting this half court shot.

What makes me say such a thing with so much confidence?  Check out his attempt and prepare to have all of your questions answered:

Damn, dude. Good luck explaining that poor showing to you buddies…and your boss…and your kids…and your wife.

Next time you have an opportunity to hit a half court shot for a prize, do yourself a favor and just respectfully decline.

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