Daniel Winnik Taken Off the Ice in a Stretcher after Violent Check (Video and Tweet)

Daniel Winnik

Daniel Winnik gave everyone a bit of a scare last night in Colorado during a game between the Avalanche and his visiting Toronto Maple Leafs, as he took a hit from Jan Hejda and fell to the ice headfirst, twisting and compressing his neck on impact. Ugh.

We’re happy to say that, while the fallout could still be severe, the Daniel Winnik fall appeared to be worse than it actually was—which I guess is a given, cause nothing could actually be worse than that impact appeared to be.

Here’s the video, apparently in letterbox format, so you can really get the lay of the ice:

Ouch. And while there’s probably little that could be seen as good news in this series of events, it seems like there won’t be any horrible news:

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