Bengals Dre Kirkpatrick Tackles His Own Coach In Huge Loss to Browns (Video)

Dre Kirkpatrick

Dre Kirkpatrick decided to put the icing on the cake in his team’s big loss to the Cleveland Browns, tackling his head coach, Marvin Lewis, on the sideline.

Sure, it was accidental, and after a Cincy performance like that, Lewis may have deserved the tackle, but it still is cringeworthy. I mean, you manage to drum up only 3 points against the Browns, then you get footage of one of your own players mounting your head coach. Not a game for the ages if you’re a Bengals fan.

However, Dre Kirkpatrick showed great form in both tackling with his shoulders down and head up, as well as in the sexual mounting of his coach, the face of the franchise.

You want video? Here’s video:


This likely bruised Lewis’ tailbone as much as his ego, and any currency he may have had among his players went right out the window. The only way he can get respect again is if he kicks the shit out of Dre Kirkpatrick. I’ve seen Oz. I know how this works.

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