FSU Sorority Girl Scores Flag Football Touchdown That Will Leave You in Awe (Video + GIF)

FSU Sorority Girl Flag Football

If Jameis Winston is forced to miss any playing time while he deals with his legal troubles off the field, the Seminoles may want to consider handing the reins over to this FSU Sorority Girl.

Sure, she may not have the arm strength of the current Noles quarterback, but she’s got the moves like Jameis.  And that’s probably all she needs to lead Florida State to wins over the likes of Virginia, Miami, Boston College, and maybe even Florida.

But for now, this FSU Sorority Girl and her talents are being wastefully limited to the school’s sorority flag football league, where she’s pulling off ridiculous highlight reel runs like this one.

Check it out:

And here’s a gif of everything you need to see:

I think I see about a half dozen jill straps on the field…

Wait, do chicks even wear jill straps while playing flag football?

Hat Tip – [MaxPreps]

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