Jarret Boykin Blocks Bears Punt by Kicking Ball Before Punter Can (Video)

jarret boykin block on bears punt

Given how incredible awful the Chicago Bears were against the Green Bay Packers on national television last night, you might think it would be difficult to single out one play as the worst. But it’s not. It’s actually pretty easy. The worst, most humiliating play of the night for the Bears was the Jarret Boykin block on punter Pat O’Donnell.

You see, a blocked punt is always a little bit embarrassing. After all, it requires such a horrendous breakdown of the offensive line to let a guy in front of the punter in time to block the kick. But this one was especially embarrassing because Jarret Boykin didn’t just block the punt. He actually got through so fast that he kicked the [email protected]&% ball before O’Donnell did.

In fact, technically it wasn’t a blocked punt at all because O’Donnell’s foot never touched the ball. It went down as a motherf#%&ing fumble.

Sorry for all the expletives. That’s just how insane this play was.

Take a look:

If you didn’t watch the clip with the audio on, I highly recommend it. The commentary (laughter) pretty much says it all.

The Bears are now the first team to give up 50+ points in consecutive weeks since 1926. Somebody please just put them out of their misery.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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