Austin Seferian-Jenkins Gets a Little Captain in Him after Scoring (Video)

Austin Seferian-Jenkins

Austin Seferian-Jenkins got hit with a 15-yard penalty for using the football as a prop in celebrating a touchdown, his second in three games. Not bad for a tight end, and definitely not bad for a tight end who happens to play for the Bucs. Yuck. 

Austin Seferian-Jenkins took the ball and set his foot upon it, giving us a super-classy, Captain Morgan-inspired pirate stance that just screams “seaman.” 

Or at least grunts it really loudly.

Take a look. Celebration ahoy!:

And to top it all off, the Bucs managed to lose the game against the Falcons! Yay! Oh, wait. That’s not good. Not for the Bucs anyway. But Austin Seferian-Jenkins is making a nice little name for himself. So one day he might be able to break free of the shackles of pro Florida football.

No word on whether or not he’s getting a kickback from Captain Morgan, but look for Bacardi to respond with Dez Bryant’s “rum shuffle.” Things could get heated.

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