Insane Carlos Tevez Goal vs. Parma Proves Carlos Tevez Is Pretty Good at Soccer (Videos)

carlos tevez goal

Everyone knows Lionel Messi is the greatest soccer player in Argentina. But who is number two?

I humbly suggest that the second-greatest soccer player in Argentina is Carlos Tevez. And as proof, I submit this Carlos Tevez goal.

During Juventus’s 7-0 rout of Parma on Sunday, Tevez won the ball away from an opponent just shy of the midfield line and took off the other way. Then, as he approached the box after outrunning the guy he’d just taken the ball from, he slashed his way past not one but two Parma defenders to put himself face-to-face with the keeper, who just watched as Tevez rolled the ball past him into the goal.

It was absolutely sick. In fact, it was downright Messianic.

Take a look:

That right there is one of the best solo efforts you’re going to see all year, guaranteed.

Do you think commentator Ray Hudson enjoyed it, though? Because I wasn’t quite sure.

Hat Tip – [Sports Illustrated]

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