Crossfit Gets Even More Ridiculous When This Guy Does It (Video)


Crossfit is easy enough to mock when people are doing it right. It involves lots of shouting, poorly positioned exercises, and people chucking around tires and ropes like they’re mental patients.

That’s the best Crossfit gets. The worst it gets is…right here.

It’s hard to tell if this guy is serious or joking, and equally hard to tell (if he’s not joking) if he’s doing this the right way. It’s terrible. And awesome.

We see him wiggle on the floor, sort of swing a really heavy weight around while sort of pulling a cable. Sounds like Crossfit to me.

Watch the video:

As crappy as it is to film someone while they’re trying to better themselves at a gym, I should say that humanity is often at its most hilarious while working out, and these moments need to be documented.

Just turn your damn phone 90 degrees next time.

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