Drake and His Sweater Were Very Excited About that James Johnson Monster Jam (Videos)

drake sweater glasses james johnson monster jam

Did you see that James Johnson monster jam last night? The Toronto Raptors sub totally posterized Brandon Davies of the Philadelphia Never-Wins. It was totally the second-best NBA highlight of the night.

The best NBA highlight of the night? Drake‘s reaction to the James Johnson monster jam.

The Toronto rapper is the Raptors’ official “Global Ambassador,” which basically just means the Raptors pay him to sit courtside and make them (seem) cool. So last night Drake was doing just that—sitting courtside and cheering on the Canadian dinosaurs while sporting some ridiculous gold framed glasses and a puffy white sweater that would make Bill Cosby blush.

As you can see, Drake was having a nice time watching a win over the pathetic Sixers. However, when Johnson threw down that filthy dunk over Davies, Drake and his sweater stole the show.

Obviously, pounding the 76ers is no big deal. Anybody can do that. But the Raptros are now 6-1, which is their best start in their 20-year history. And if they keep it up, we’re going to be seeing a lot more happy Drake in funny sweaters…which would be fantastic. So go Raptors!

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