Saints’ Keenan Lewis Played Through This Nasty Injury vs. 49ers (Pic)

Keenan Lewis

Keenan Lewis should be playing ball with a leather helmet and a mouth full of chewing tobacco. The star cornerback made it through the entire Saints-49ers game to reveal a pretty grotesque injury.

As you can see from the image above, Lewis’ quadricep sort of rolled up and began a life of its own. Not really, but it did look pretty bad.

Here are some Tweets that are entertaining just because of how contradictory they are:

Whoopsie-do! He’s back in the game with a quadricep that’s rolled up into a little ball.

Obviously, Keenan Lewis is still feeling some pain from this, but he hopes to be out on the field next week, and I would believe he’s gonna do it, based on what Keenan Lewis was able to play through in week 10.