Crazy Leafs-Sens Fan Brawl Unfolds After Beer Poured on Fan’s Head (Video)

Leafs-Sens Fan Brawl

As this clip of a Leafs-Sens fan brawl from Sunday demonstrates, it’s not always easy to do the right thing. One minute, you’re having a spirited discussion with another drunk hockey fan about how his head must be WAY up his ass if he’s seriously cheering for that joke of a hockey team.  The next minute, some interloper is dumping a beer on your head.

The whole thing was caught on tape in painfully vertical glory. The two (or three or four) guys are arguing, but peacefully, until one guy in a Leafs jersey decides to make like Emeril and kick things up a notch by pouring a $12 beer on the head of one of the Sens fans, kicking off a good ol’ fashion Leafs-Sens fan brawl.

That’s when the video goes from good to great.

See for yourself:

This thing holds up to repeat viewing. Not only do you have the hilarity of the guy diving parallel to the ground to take out an “enemy,” but you have the build-up of drama knowing what the beer-dumper is going to do. You see him pace, stare off, and think. That’s one decision that didn’t come easy to him.

I may not agree with the act, but I respect the fact that he gave it some thought before taking that course of action.

Hat Tip – [Reader Ron Canada via CTVNews]

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