Mario Williams and His Red Contacts Were Terrifying Yesterday (Pic)

Mario Williams

Mario Williams decided to take the whole “dress to intimidate” thing to another level yesterday, as the Bills defensive end suited up in his regular uniform but threw in a pair of red contact lenses. Why red? Because it looks like he broke through the gates of hell to arrive at the football game.

That’s intimidation. That’s fear. I’m scared of this guy just looking at him through a computer screen. Imagine if Mario Williams was throttling at you. Haunting.

We’ve got a couple pics, so take a look, and be glad that you don’t play offensive line for the Kansas City Chiefs (who were the Bills’ opponents on Sunday). Because if you did, you’d probably be wrecked with PTSD after blocking Williams¬†for 60 minutes.

I give you…Evil Mario Williams:

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 9.54.09 AM

Ok. So he doesn’t look THAT evil. But maybe he looks so goofy…IT’S SCARY!


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