Michael Vick Burns Brice McCain with Quick Stutterstep (Video)

Michael Vick

Michael Vick has showed that while he might not be true to his old Madden form, he’s still got what it takes to be a starting QB in the NFL. And while he might not be cut from the cloth of pocket passing QB’s like Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck, he’s far more dangerous when he tucks the ball and looks downfield for running room.

Just ask Brice McClain, who looked like he was PLANNING on falling over as he tried in vain to keep up with Michael Vick. As Vick took off, he showed just a glimpse of a stutterstep, and Brice rolled over in submission. It’s not only true to old form for Michael Vick, but it’s also very, very, very funny.

Here’s the clip. Hope you’re wearing hi-tops:

Vick’s effort, on this play, and many, many others, allowed the limping New York Jets to squeak by the stronger Pittsburgh Steelers, 20-13. Was it all because of this one play?

Nah, but that’s what we’ll remember about this game more than anything else.


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