Mike Tirico Thinks Cam Newton is Michael Vick During MNF (Video)

Mike Tirico

Mike Tirico, despite being a professional football announcer, succumbed to black quarterback profiling tonight as he confused running quarterback Cam Newton with slightly smaller running quarterback Michael Vick.

Let the record show that Mike Tirico, nor any other announcer, has ever confused Tom Brady and Peyton Manning—though announcers do often mistake Jay Cutler for a big pile of broken doorknobs, so it’s not just a race thing.

Here’s a clip of Mike Tirico making the worst faux pas an announcer can make: confusing anyone for Michael Vick, convicted dog beater:

I’m not sure who benefits more from the confusion there. Michael Vick has certainly proved durable and reliable even late in his career, but Newton’s got time on his side, even if he hasn’t quite panned out as well as anyone had hoped.

Of course, this is all in jest.  I’m sure that if you were mic’d up, even as a pro, and had to speak for three hours, you’d say some pretty dumb stuff, too.

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