Seahawks Mascot Lands on Miffed Fan’s Head! Ca-caw! CA-CAW!!! (Video)

Seahawks mascot lands on fan's head

The Seahawks mascot decided to break protocol on Sunday when his team played the Giants and land on some unassuming fan’s head. It was a harmless event, but one that was made pretty damn funny by the fan’s reaction.

The Seahawks mascot, which I will call Birdie because I don’t feel like looking up its name, was doing its usual laps in the stadium when it decided to get out there and mingle…Mingle right on top of some dude’s head.

Even though the winged beast could have torn the man apart, the Seahawks mascot left the unassuming man off with a couple love taps, and then the man responded by apparently falling in love with the bird.

Here’s the grizzly, then delightful video:

Never underestimate the power of the 12th man—or should we say, the power of the 12th man to fall in love with a giant bird of prey.

The good news is they were able to put their differences behind them and learn to love again.

Oh, and the damn hawk’s name is Taima. I didn’t try to learn that, but I couldn’t avoid it. Damn it. That little nugget probably pushed out the quadratic equation.

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