Steelers Cheap Shot While Jets Take a Knee Made Rex Ryan Very Mad (Video)

Rex Ryan angry at Steelers cheap shot

The Steelers weren’t about to let the clock wind down without getting one more hit in. The fact that it was a very cheap hit with no possible outcome on the game is what’s so upsetting.

As the Jets took a knee to solidify their victory, Mike Mitchell of the Steelers took a running start and vaulted over the line, targeting Jets quarterback Michael Vick.

It was a pretty mean-spirited play that you wouldn’t expect to go without some form of retaliation. Vick might not be defenseless in that situation, but he’s pretty close. And it’s EXTREMELY unlikely that the dangerous move would actually force a fumble. So I have deduced that the Steelers were just being jerks.

Here’s the Steelers cheap shot at game’s end:

And here’s Rex Ryan‘s understandably angry response:

Hard not to understand where he’s coming from. This looks like an act of the Steelers of old, who wouldn’t last a minute in the new no-nonsense era.

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