30 Epic Sports-Themed Haircuts by Rob the Original

sports-themed haircuts by rob the original

When it comes to sports-themed haircuts, Rob the Original is king.

Who is Rob the Original? Well he’s not just a barber, that’s for sure. Based in San Antonio, Mr. Original bills himself as a “hair artist.” And while that sort of description would usually make me roll my eyes, the fact is there’s no other way to describe him. He really is an artist who just so happens to shave and paint his masterpieces into the back of people’s heads.

Of course, Rob the Original doesn’t only do sports-themed haircuts. But seeing as how it takes a special kind of crazy to get a portrait shaved into the back of your head, sports fans are among his biggest customers. And as such, the guy has produced a number of brilliant sports-themed haircuts in recent years.

Want to take a look at his work? Well you should, because it’s awesome. So click on the arrow and we’ll get started.


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