Classy Everton Fan Picks Nose and Wipes Booger on Woman’s Head (Video)

everton fan picks nose wipes booger on woman's head

Would you rather be caught on camera at a sporting event picking your nose and eating the booger, or picking your nose and wiping the booger on some innocent bystander’s head?

I think I’d go with option number one. Yes, everyone would think I’m disgusting, but at least they wouldn’t think I’m an asshole. The Everton fan who picked his nose and then wiped the booger on some poor woman’s head? Everyone thinks he is disgusting and an asshole.

The incident to which I am referring happened prior to Everton’s 1-1 draw against Sunderland on Sunday. As fans filed into Liverpool’s Goodison Park, cameras just happened to catch some crusty middle aged dude in an Everton jersey mine some gold, look around, and then wipe it off on the top of a woman’s head.

Take a look:

Are there other possible explanations for what’s going on here? Sure there are. For example, maybe the guy knows that woman and he was actually patting her on the head to say hello, and the nose-picking was purely coincidental.

That’s a pretty charitable theory, though. Until this Everton fan comes foward and proves he wasn’t wiping a booger on that lady’s head, I hearby induct him into the Disgusting Sports Fan Hall of Fame.

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