Oilers Fan Gets Pie-Faced From Predators Mascot, Then Pays It Forward (Video)

Oliers fan

An Oilers fan learned the hard way that pro sports mascots are getting a little ballsier with their fan interactions. Rather than just shake hands or pretend to shine a bald fan’s head, the Nashville Predators mascot has taken to assaulting opposing fans with food.

And it’s awesome. If you don’t want to get slapped in the face with a pie, don’t go to the Predators arena dressed as an Oilers fan.

And if you do: For the love of God, keep your girlfriend out of it. Is chivalry completely dead in Edmonton, or among Edmonton fans in Nashville?

The answer lies in this clip:

Yup. It’s dead. I don’t even blame the mascot. He was just acting as an agent of the cosmos. If the Oilers fan is the type of guy who slaps his date with a pie, then this was his fate.

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