LSU Tight End Logan Stokes Speaks to Media About “Pantsgate” (Videos)

logan stokes pantsing controvery pantsgate

Alabama survived their trip to Death Valley last weekend, beating LSU 20-13 in overtime to keep their hopes of reaching the inaugural College Football Playoff alive. So you would think Alabama fans would be pretty happy.

But no. Alabama fans are kinda sensitive about people “disrespecting” their team. (Ever heard of Phyllis from Mulga?) So despite the huge win, a lot of them could only focus on one thing: the Logan Stokes depantsing controversy, a.k.a. pantsgate.

In case you don’t already know, this is what I’m talking about:

That’s LSU tight end Logan Stokes depantsing Alabama linebacker Reggie Ragland during the third quarter of last Saturday’s game. According to Stokes, he frequently tries to pull guys off a pileup by their pants. However, Ragland wasn’t wearing a belt, so when he tried to pull Ragland off he inadvertantly exposed his backside.

To most of us—including Ragland—it’s kind of funny. But a lot of Alabama fans were pissed.

“I get back to the locker room and I can’t even open up my cell phone because people are just letting me know exactly what they think,” Stokes explained. “Some woman messaged me and told me she’s been an Alabama fan for 30 years and she’d never seen anything like that and she thinks I should be suspended for the remainder of the year. So if y’all want to take that to the NCAA, I guess I should be suspended and never play again.”

I wonder if that woman was the aforementioned Phyllis from Mulga?

Anyway, here’s the full video of Stokes explaining the incident and the backlash he’s received:

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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