Wicked Spinning Backfist Knockout Probably Won’t Convince You to Try MMA (Video)

wmma spinning backfist knockout blackout fighting championship 26

If you’ve recently come to the conclusion that it might be fun to try MMA, this absolutely wicked spinning backfist knockout from a recent amateur event might change your mind.

It comes from a smalltime Missouri-based pro-am promotion called Blackout Fighting Championship. On Saturday night, at BOFC 26 in Kansas City, an amateur bantamweight prospect named Jessica Middleton ran at opponent Holly Torrez with a few weak jabs to get her thinking defense, then she knocked her the f#%& out with a spinning backfist that landed squarely on her right jaw.

I think it probably really hurt. A lot.

Take a look:

I’ve seen a lot of spinning backfist knockouts in my day, and that one looks as painful as any I’ve ever seen. And Holly Torrez isn’t some scrawny bird, either. She has some serious muscle mass. So that must have been one hell of a blow.

So if you’re thinking of trying MMA, that’s cool. I’m not saying don’t try it, because it’s a great way to stay fit.

Just know that somebody might fracture your jaw and knock you unconscious. Cool?

Hat Tip – [MMA Underground]

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