22 Classic Sports Depantsing GIFs

sports depantsing gifs

Why an entire list of sports depantsing GIFs? Because we want all the Alabama fans who upset about “pantsgate” to understand something. Namely, we want them to understand that an inadvertent rear end exposure isn’t something about which we should be embarrassed or angry. It is something to be celebrated. Because, dammit, butts are funny.

What the hell is pantsgate, you ask? Well you see, last weekend during the LSU-Alabama game, Tigers tight end Logan Stokes accidentally (partially) depantsed Crimson Tide linebacker Reggie Ragland while trying to pull him off a pileup. And after the game, a lot of Alabama fans were upset about it. Like, death threat upset. Stokes actually had to delete his Twitter account.

But nobody needs to be upset about anything. Because like I said, butts are hilarious. And we’ve created this list of sports depantsing GIFs to prove it.

Enjoy, everybody! (But mostly you, Alabama.)


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