Carson Palmer Was Mic’d Up When He Was Injured, and We Have The Tape (Video)

Carson Palmer

Carson Palmer and the streaking Arizona Cardinals both came to a screeching halt last Sunday as Palmer fell to the ground, barely touched, having blown out his kneeā€”it’s a torn ACL, if you’re looking for particulars. It turns out that the Cardinals QB was mic’d up at the time of the injury, so the world has not only video, but slightly-uncomfortable audio as well.

Honestly, after listening to it, I thought it would be worse. I would think that a season ending injury would create more audible pain than a few moans, but, whatever. These guys are far tougher than the average human, so maybe it would leave us regular folk rolling around for hours, crying.

Here’s the vine of Carson Palmer and his borderline tragic injury:

We need to find that groundskeeper, and we need to kill him. That grass has delayed a terrific comeback story for Carson Palmer and the Cardinals.

Get better, Carson.

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