Former NFL Player Charles Grant Fired from College Coaching Job After Fight with Student (Video)

ex-nfl player charles grant fired from college coaching job

Former New Orleans Saints defensive end Charles Grant wasn’t getting paid to be a linebackers coach for the Division II Bowie State Bulldogs. But getting fired probably still stings.

So why was he fired? Because he kinda sorta got into a fight with a student-athlete. Which is a no no.

It’s not known whether the student was a football player or some other athlete. But in a video obtained by (who else?) TMZ, you clearly see Grant and the student standing toe-to-toe, arguing with each other. Then the student drops his backpack as if preparing for a tussle. The next thing you know, Grant is going at him, and before long he’s got the kid pinned on the ground.

Of course, a lot of news outlets, including TMZ, are saying Grant “bodyslammed” the student to the floor. But I wouldn’t call it a bodyslam at all. Grant definitely forces the kid down to the floor, but he doesn’t pick him up and slam him.

See for yourself:

Obviously, Bowie State had no choice but to fire Grant. You simply cannot get into a physical altercation with a student. And it’s good that campus police are officially investigating the matter.

That being said, you have to wonder what they were arguing about, and whether the student might share some of the blame for all this.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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