Cricket Announcer Announces His Car Getting Hit by a Cricket Ball (Video)

cricket announcer car dent

Cricket stories are always fun, because, at least in North America, it usually entails a writer with no idea of what’s going on reporting a story to an audience that has no idea what’s going on. However, some things are universal and transcend the world of batsmen, wickets, tea, and googlies.

In this clip, we see a New Zealand cricket announcer (Ian Smith, if you’re up on that sort of thing) watch and comment as an errant ball hits his rental car.

Here’s a rule of thumb: Any sport that’s popular enough to be televised shouldn’t allow parking so close to the action. Just a thought. This normally happens at middle school baseball games.

Here’s the video:

It’s nice to see Ian Smith laugh about it. I guess there’s a lot more humor in it when you’ve got a rental car and you didn’t decline insurance. If he hadn’t gotten the insurance, you could rest assured he would have run from the booth trying to buff out the dent, then assault Shane Ryder, who hit the ball.

Yay, cricket!


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