Tomas Holmstrom Tenderizes Steaks with Hockey Pucks in Ad (Video)

tomas holmstrom tenderize steaks

If you wanted to Tomas Holmstrom do something really, really strange for the sake of a Swedish ISP, you came to the right place.

In this Swedish ad, the retired Red Wings forward takes to tenderizing steaks via slapshots. Why? Because it’s awesome, and if you have that kind of accuracy, you’re damn right you are using pucks to tenderize steaks.


Tomas Holmstrom also cuts bread with a chainsaw and builds a fire with a BIG piece of wood.

The premise of the ads, at least according to The Score, is that the Red Wings forward can’t figure out how to do household chores without the internet. Because we all learned how to slice bread on the internet.

Whatever. It’s pretty funny.

Take a look:

If I didn’t have the internet, I would move to Sweden and use theirs. Mission accomplished, Tomas Holmstrom!

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