Just in Time for the Holidays: the NBA and NHL Are Hocking Ugly Christmas Sweaters (Pics)

nba ugly christmas sweaters

What started ironically about 10 years ago has now become a full-fledged holiday tradition.

I am talking, of course, about ugly Christmas sweater parties. These days just about everyone under the age of 40 has either been to one or been invited to one. In fact, the trend of mocking corny holiday attire has become so mainstream that the NBA and NHL are now selling their very own officially licensed ugly Christmas sweaters.

Right now the NHL has mostly team sweaters available. The NBA, meanwhile, is offering select player and team sweaters—though for some reason they don’t have anyone from the Raptors, even though Drake, the most famous Raptors fan in the world, wears ugly Christmas sweaters to pretty much every game.

But whatever. On the whole, they’re all pretty awesome.

Here are the NBA’s player-specific ugly Christmas sweaters:

nba ugly christmas sweaters 2

And here are the NHL ugly Christmas sweaters:

NHL ugly christmas sweaters

If you’ve got a hardcore NHL or NBA fan on your nice list this year, your Christmas shopping just got a little bit easier. Get the NBA sweaters here and here, and the NHL sweaters here.

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