9 of the Most Amazing Blocked Kicks of All Time

jarret boykin amazing blocked kicks

Last week, the Packers-Bears game will go in the pantheon of blocked kicks. It wasn’t a particularly important play, except that it was one of the sole interesting plays in a game that was otherwise a pretty mundane blowout between a good team (Green Bay) and a bad team (Chicago).

Jarrett Boykin rushed a Chicago punt and didn’t just get to the ball in time to get a hand up on it. He got to the ball in time to get a foot down on it. In other words, Jarrett Boykin kicked Chicago’s punt before the Chicago punter did. It was a blocked kick, done by a defenders foot—a blocked kick kick. And it was awesome.

Save for a few punt and kick returns for touchdowns, the world of special teams doesn’t get much love. We’d like to fix that with a rundown of the 9 Most Blocked Kicks of All Time.

Cool? Cool.

(Note: We’re not delineating between punts and field goals/PATs here. They both involve a foot moving a football, so they’re both kicks to us.)


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