This Charles Barkley Kim Kardashian Parody Will Haunt Your Dreams Tonight (Pic)

Normally we put a photo at the top of our posts because we think the layout looks nice that way. However, we’re not doing that for this post about the Charles Barkley Kim Kardashian parody.

Why? Because the Charles Barkley Kim Kardashian parody is what some people might call “disgusting” or “revolting,” and once you see it you can’t unsee it. So we think you should be given one last chance to turn away before looking at it.

Of course, at this point I should probably back track and explain that the parody in question is a parody of the now-famous “Break the Internet” ass photo of Kim Kardashian (West) from the cover of Paper magazine. Sure, you probably knew that already. But it’s another great way of stalling and giving you one last chance to not see the Barkley parody.

So with that, either leave now, or prepare yourself for some pretty graphic back fat.

Alright. Here it is everybody:

Sweet mother of God that is awful.

Obviously, that’s not really the Round Mound of Rebound. It’s a photoshop. But that’s probably what he looks like.

In any case…you’re welcome everybody!

Hat Tip – [@NBAonTNT]

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