Jerk Saints Fan Rips Gresham TD Ball from Female Bengals Fan (Video)

Saints fan

This Saints fan better be grateful that he’s still enjoying the goodwill coming his way from Katrina, because what he did is grounds for a first-class ass kicking. Jermaine Gresham scored a TD while playing at the SuperDome, and he magnanimously tossed the ball to a way-outnumbered female Bengals fan in the crowd. Pretty cool, right?

Nope. NOT cool. Because a Saints fan, who apparently has no soul, ripped the ball out of her hands and sat down refusing to make eye contact with most anyone. The Bengals fan was so shocked at what happened, she seems to skip the whole “anger” step of grief.

I mean, this is some seriously depraved stuff. I hope that this guy gets something he likes or wants ripped away from him. It will happen. He was already accruing a karmic debt for his myriad fashion crimes against humanity.

Here’s the video. Feel free to post this dude’s address to Twitter and put thousands of little plastic fork tines in his yard:

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I’d say there’s a special spot in hell reserved for this dude, but I’m guessing that hell is actually just a mobile six-foot radius around this guy. ***UPDATE*** She got a ball!!!

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