Angry LSU Fan Lashes Out at Arkansas Fans, Almost Loses Dentures (Video)

Angry LSU fan

No one can blame this angry LSU fan for running out of patience. Okay, maybe we can, because it’s just college football and that’s a pretty stupid thing to lash out about. But in his defense, LSU has fallen from their once-prominent position to being a middle-of-the-pack also ran in the SEC. Someone who might notch an upset or two, but won’t be playing for the conference title.

That pissed him off. And it’s very likely, though we don’t know for sure, that the Arkansas fans were not gracious in their 17-0 victory on Saturday and were razzing him.

Anyway, he gets so mad his false teeth almost fly out of his mouth—like what would happen to cartoon angry LSU fan.

Here. Watch:

Oh, man. He looks pissed. I didn’t turn the sound on, but I think he called one of the Razorback fans a “flying armyman.” Not sure what that means. But he did raise his middle finger as if to say, “Despite this loss, the LSU Tigers are still #1 in my book. Agree to disagree.”

No sound even necessary.

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