Jeremy Lin Can’t Find the Words to Describe How Bad the Lakers Suck (Video)

Jeremy Lin

When Harvard grad Jeremy Lin can’t manage to put into words how bad his own team is, you know that you’re hitting rock bottom. Or you’re close. Actually, the 76ers may have a monopoly on “rock bottom,” but the Lakers are only hovering a few inches above.

Honestly, I think that Jeremy Lin CAN find the words to describe his team’s disappointments this year, but for the sake of diplomacy and to avoid getting fined by the FCC, he’ll keep those words to himself right now.

I’m behold to neither the FCC nor the Lakers organization, so allow me to surmise: “The Lakers are really, really bad because Kobe didn’t want to age gracefully and refused to take on a smaller or more mentoring role to allow the franchise to continue as his talents waned. And their front office let it happen.”

That wasn’t very hard.

Here’s Jeremy Lin looking for the right words, clearly frustrated and tired:

On the plus side, at least they got it together enough to win one game, thus ensuring Charles Barkley is no longer malnourished.

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