Kevin Hart to Jameis Winston: ‘Stop Doing Dumb Sh*t’ (Video)

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart went to FSU as a stop on his stand-up comedy tour, and came across the path of last year’s Heisman winner Jameis Winston. And to his face, Kevin Hart told Winston what we’re all thinking.

He said point blank, “You need to stop doing dumb shit.” Which is totally true, but normally not something you say publicly to the best college football player in the nation.

Well, NORMALLY it’s not something you’d say, but in the case of¬†Jameis Winston, who may be the Lindsay Lohan on the NCAA, it is probably¬†very easy for someone like Kevin Hart to say such a thing.

Hart, to soften the blow, then gave a mini-roast to Winston, asking him about crab legs and a bunch of other half-jokes. Here’s the TMZ video:

He got ya there, Jameis. Stop stealing seafood. You need to grow up and realize that when you’re in the NFL, you can just force a rookie to buy it for you.

I love how Jameis Winston has to hear this from a touring comedian because no one at FSU cares enough to tell him. Yay college football!

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