MMA Fight Called After Jessica Eye Makes Leslie Smith’s Ear Explode (Video)

Leslie Smith Jessica Eye

Jessica Eye won her UFC 180 fight against Leslie Smith on Saturday, but not in a way that fans or Leslie Smith wanted to see.

Jessica Eye was trading blows and pretty close with Smith for most of the fight, even after Smith’s ear started bleeding earlier from a blow to the cauliflower-addled appendage. However, Smith fought on against Jessica Eye. Later, though, the same thing happened, and as the ear burst, it also tore quite a bit.

Yup. It was gross. Gross enough for the powers that be to call the fight despite Smith’s protest. Maybe if she could have seen her ear, she wouldn’t have wanted the fight to continue so badly.

Here’s a video. It’s a little graphic as you can see the ear burst in slow-mo as blood flies everywhere.

And here’s another look, in case the above video isn’t available in your country:

Fortunately, the ref took one look at Smith’s corn rows, then realized maybe she doesn’t always make the best decisions.  So he went against her advice and called the fight.

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