Turkish Goalie Refuses to Play in Euro Qualifier After Home Fans Taunt Him (Video)

Turkish goalie Volkan Demirel

The pouty fellow you see above is Turkish goalie Vokan Demirel. He was supposed to be in net for the national squad for their Euro 2016 qualier against Kazakhstan on Saturday. However, during warmups some Turkish fans behind the goal were giving him a hard time. So he said f#&% it and refused to take the field for the game.

This of course raises two obvious questions. First, why the hell were Turkish fans harassing the Turkish keeper? Second, what the hell did they say to make him just quit the game?

Unfortunately, I only have an answer for one of those. While we don’t know what the fans were saying, we do know that the game was being played at Turk Telecom Arena. That’s the home of Galatasaray SK, who are crosstown rivals with Fenerbahce SK, which is the club team for which Demirel plays. So basically this would be like Yankees fans boing Dustin Pedroia while watching Team USA play in the World Baseball Classic, and Dustin Pedroia just walking off the diamond. (Yes, I know nobody cares about the World Baseball Classic, but just pretend they do.)

As you can imagine, the home fans were not happy that the Turkish goalie deserted them before a crucial game. So afterward, even though Turkey prevailed 3-1, they were waiting for him as he exited the stadium, and he had to be escorted out in a car.

Then a brawl broke out. Because soccer.

Take a look:

I don’t know enough about Turkish culture and politics to know what those Galatasaray fans could have said to Demirel to get him so upset. But whatever it was would have to be pretty bad to justify his actions, don’t you think?

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