Bruins Pay Tribute to and Hang with Veterans During Devils Game (Video)


The Bruins have recently come to light as one of the more charitable sports organizations in North America, which makes some sense.

Boston has experienced some hardship over the past two years, and it’s got that reputation as an honest, working-class town. So it comes as no surprise that the Bruins pulled out a few stops for their November 10th game, the night before Veterans Day.

What is surprising is that the team took a few moments DURING THE GAME to hang out and laugh with some veterans as they walked from the tunnel to the ice.

Here’s the video:

Not exactly action-packed (and barely watchable), but you get the gist. Were they jovial because they were winning, or did they win because they were feeling good, possibly due to this interaction?

The answer doesn’t matter, but it’s nice to see a karmic return that night for these guys.

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