Chargers-Raiders Fan Brawls: Police Arrested 25 in San Diego on Sunday (Videos)

chargers-raiders fan brawls

For a long time now, we’ve just assumed that the Raiders fanbase had the highest thugs-to-non-thug ratio in the NFL. And it’s true that a lot of Raiders fans are petty bad.

However, as I started looking back at our previous posts in preparation for this one, I saw a hell of a lot of stories about Chargers fans involved in fan-on-fan violence. (See for yourself.) So I think it might be time to rethink our NFL fan thug power rankings. I think Chargers fans belong in the top spot, with Raiders fans at #2 and Niners fans rounding out the top three.

Of course, I only mention all this because the Chargers and Raiders squared off in San Diego on Sunday…which resulted in numerous Chargers-Raiders fan brawls…which resulted in a whopping 25 arrests.

Seriously, those are Ferguson numbers.

Here’s one from inside the stadium, shot by some idiot who didn’t have the good sense to turn their phone sideways:

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And here’s one from outside the stadium, shot by some genius who not only held the phone sideways, but also had the brilliant idea to set the thing to “Eye of the Tiger”:

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Note to self: never go with a Chargers or Raiders fan to a second location.

Hat Tip – [Rant Sports]

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