Lance Armstrong Tries to Do Beer Mile, Quits After One Lap and Two Beers (Video)

lance armstrong beer mile

Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France a record seven times in a row, which is still impressive even though we all know he used PEDs, because everyone else was using PEDs too. But when he recently tried doing the Beer Mile in Austin in preparation for the Beer Mile World Championships, the poor bastard had to quit after the first lap.

Apparently there are no PEDs for beer-chugging.

In case you don’t know what the Beer Mile is, it’s a race that combines running and beer. Athletes run four laps around a standard quarter-mile track, and before each one they chug a beer.

Since the establishment of BEERMILE.COM a few years back, the rules and regulations of the event have become more standardized across North America. Participants must chug one 12-ounce beer with an ABV of 5.0% or higher straight from a can—no wide-mouths, no shotgunning—before the start of every lap. Anyone who hurls has to run a penalty lap. First person to finish wins.

The Beer Mile world record is 4:57.7, which is actually pretty f**king amazing. Most of us would be thrilled to run a five-minute mile without consuming 48 ounces of beer along the way.

Of course, there are also different age classifications. Armstrong, for example, competed in the “super masters” (40+) division, since he’s 43 years old. But like I said at the beginning, despite being one of the world’s fittest humans, PEDs or no PEDs, the guy had to give himself a DNF after just one lap.

His explanation? “That was not what I expected!”

Take a look:

So, do you still think you could complete the Beer Mile?

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