ESPN Randomly Cuts to Shot of Lisa Salters Cougar-Calling LeVeon Bell During SportsCenter (Video)

Lisa Salters Cougar-Calling LeVeon Bell

If you happened to be watching the opening segment of SportsCenter on ESPN after Monday Night Football last night, you were treated to one hell of a WTF moment. For some reason, somehow, as one of the SportsCenter desk jockeys was talking about the Miami-Florida basketball game, they randomly cut away to a split-second shot of sideline reporter Lisa Salters cougar-calling LeVeon Bell. And by “cougar-calling” I mean she was yelling “WOOOOO!” at him while making a squinty face that could be interpreted as “damn he is fine!”

Do I really think Lisa Salters, a respected sports journalist, was hollering at LeVeon Bell the way construction workers holler at attractive women walking down the street? Of course not. The guy had just rushed for a whopping 204 yards. It was the best running performance of the 2014 NFL season and the highlight of the 22-year-old’s football career. So Salters was probably just pumped up after interviewing him.

But it looks like she’s cougar-calling him. And it’s pretty hilarious.

Take a look:

Thank you, unknown ESPN production person who was responsible for that. It made my day.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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