Grandson of Phil Martelli Makes Adorable Return at Press Conference (Video)

Phil Martelli

Phil Martelli is the head basketball coach for St. Joseph’s. That’s somewhat notable, but not very interesting. They had a great year in 2004, but have been just above-average since. So why are we talking about Phil Martelli? Because he has an amazing grandson who manages to steal the show every chance he gets.

Previously Phil Martelli was mimicked by his grandson in the seats. His grandson would copy every move Martelli made. Now, the grandson is joining Phil at a postgame presser after St. Joe’s beat Drexel.

Watch and enjoy:

Ok. That was kind of weird, too. I mean, I like that the kid’s there.  But over 8 minutes of very dry basketball talk?  You could do a little more to play to the little tyke. Maybe have him dance for everyone, or mis-pronounce “Spaghetti.’ You know, cute kid stuff!

Ok. Let’s compromise. He doesn’t have to do that undignified stuff, but he does have to run around in a propeller beanie pretending he’s an airplane. That’s fair, right?

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