Goalie Makes Three Crazy Saves Off of Swiss League Penalty Kick (Video + GIF)

Swiss league

You might recognize theĀ Swiss league team FC Aarau from a story we ran a few days back in which one of their players, Sandro Wieser, ended up getting criminal charges against him for an illegal tackle that likely ended an opposing player’s career.

However, in the wake of that unpleasantness, we have learned that some actual soccer was played, and Aarau’s goalie, Joel Mall, pulled off a pretty impressive feat.

Swiss league

In the Swiss league game, three saves were made on one penalty kick. And though Mall had some help on the last one, I think we can still credit him for being Johnny On The Spot and forcing the player into an awkward put-back.

Check it out, and don’t mind the post-apocalyptic scene in the crowd.

Why does the Swiss league look like Mad Max?:

Unfortunately, the good luck didn’t last and Mall let in a goal that ultimately led to a 1-0 loss for Aarau, but he held out as long as he could.

Hat Tip – [The Independent]

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