William Gay Pick Six Ends with LeBron James Celebration Dance, Because Everybody Wants to Be the King (Video)

william gay lebron james celebration dance

The NFL may be King of the North American professional sports leagues, but the NBA has the world’s most transcendent and marketable athlete in LeBron James.

Want proof? Just look at how many NFL players have performed a LeBron James celebration dance following a touchdown in the last calendar year. There was Carolina’s Cam Newton last November. There was Cleveland’s Terrance West and Baltimore’s Kyle Juszczyk in the same game this past september. And there was Indianapolis’ T.Y. Hilton just last month.

So who’s the latest NFL player to perform a LeBron James celebration dance, paying tribute to a basketball player during a football game? That would be Pittsburgh’s William Gay. He intercepted Tennessee QB Zach Mettenberger in the first quarter last night in Nashville, then ran it back 30 yards for a touchdown and celebrated with LeBron’s haka-style high-step.

Take a look:

lebron james celebration dance

Unoriginal? Sure. But if you’re going to copy somebody’s celebration dance, copy LeBron. Lamarr Houston copied Stephen Tulloch, and look where that got him.

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