Unemployed? The Buffalo Bills Are Hiring Snow Shovelers! (Tweets)

Buffalo Bills Stadium snow storm.

Buffalo may have never completely recovered from the long, slow decline of industry in their region, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy the occasional hiring spurt.

Right now, it’s the Buffalo Bills looking to find a few good men and women to perform backbreaking labor on a very short timeline. Namely, they’re looking for snow shovelers in the wake of a huge storm that’s dropped several feet of snow, threatens to drop three more, and has trapped Buffalo Sabres forward Patrick Kaleta in his house. A PRISONER IN HIS OWN HOME!

The Buffalo Bills have a game to play on Sunday at Ralph Wilson Stadium, and since Buffalo’s biggest industry these days seems to be tailgating, they’re going to need to clear out some snow.


Ok. First off, this is a pretty cool effort, and I really hope Buffalo gets the local help it’s seeking to pull off what I’m sure will be a beautiful game on Sunday.

But I’m exhausted just looking at all that snow. $10/hour? Pass. They’re apparently also sweetening the deal with tickets to the game. So shovel snow for 72 hours, then go back and fight the snow to watch a Buffalo Bills game? I’m good on my couch. Where it’s warm. And dry. 


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