Cam Newton Twitter Hack Leads to Hilarious Tweets (Pics)

cam newton twitter hack

I know we’re all supposed to disapprove of yesterday’s Cam Newton Twitter hack because it’s a violation of privacy or something. But come on, nobody got hurt. And you have to admit, the fake Cammy Cam tweets were classic.

It started off with fake Cam complaining (ironically) about his crappy fantasy football team, practically begging Twitter users to chime in and say, “Yeah, mine too…because YOU’RE on it”:

cam newton twitter hack 6

Then fake Cam took the opportunity to make an inflammatory claim about everyone’s favorite NFL cornerback, Richard Sherman:

cam newton twitter hack

After that, the Carolina Panthers confirmed that Cam’s account was indeed hacked, which was followed by a Tweet from Newton himself saying the issue had been resolved.

It hadn’t been resolved, though. A few hours later we got the best tweet from fake Cam Newton yet:

cam newton twitter hack 3

And so now @CameronNewton is officially suspended.


Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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