Female Fan Cheers Like She’s Possessed by the Devil (Video)

female fan cheers

This female fan cheers in a very unorthodox way.

The context isn’t at all important, which is fine, because we don’t have any.  We’re not quite sure where she is, or what sports team she is cheering for.  All we need to know is that she seems to be an enthusiastic supporter or hater of whatever she’s watching. It’s hard to tell if her noisemaking is a sign of anger or pleasure, but it’s…it’s something.

Here’s the video. Her cheers could very well send shivers down your spine.

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If the team won, would she just get louder? Or would the sound of the cheer change completely? I think if she gets too happy (or upset) her head splits open, and her cheers turn into baby mice that run all over the arena.

I think it’s very important that this was documented. In the future, we’re going to use this video to determine who patient zero was of some huge neurological outbreak. But in the meantime…listen to her funny cheers!

Her vocal chords have to be hurting after this display. I bet her ENT is a very busy man. She’s probably his only patient. I mean, that noise couldn’t possibly be sustainable, right? At some point, her throat turns into beaf jerky. Or maybe she groans her team to victory. Whatever works.

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